5S Hair Factory: the firm exports Vietnamese hair items to nations

5S Hair Factory is the first firm in Vietnam to manufacture hair extension goods to meet the needs of ladies all over the world. 5s Hair aspires to give clients the finest experience possible when it comes to hair products. Let’s learn more about 5S Hair Factory in this article.

Mục Lục

The 5S hair factory’s formation procedure

What were your impressions of the 5S hair factory? For your convenience, I’ve included some corporate information

The establishment of 5S hair factory

  • 5S Hair Factory was launched in 1989, and after 32 years of development and expertise, the company has made significant progress. As a result, they’re recognized as The Leading Vietnamese Hair Factory.
  • The export of hair products from the 5S hair factory has also progressed significantly, not only due to the outstanding quality of the products, but also because customer service is always a top concern.

5S hair factory’s foundation

Strive for a 5S hair factory

Every business has its own objectives, and the 5S hair factory is no exception:

  • Bring Vietnamese hair products to the world: 5S hair factory is still focusing on international markets such as Europe, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Russia, and others, not only because international customers prefer hair products, but also because 5S hair factory’s mission is to bring high-quality Vietnamese hair products to the world market. International clients will have confidence in Vietnamese products as a result of the outstanding quality of 5S hair factory’s products, resulting in great praise for all items in general.
  • Become Vietnam’s leading hair factory: 5S hair factory is getting stronger and becoming a major firm in the hair products manufacturing industry in Vietnam, with the objective of delivering Vietnamese hair goods to the international market. 5S hair factory’s production and operating teams are becoming increasingly well-trained to ensure that all customer needs are met.

The colorful items of 5S Hair Factory

5S hair factory produces high-quality hair products

To provide the finest user experience, 5S hair factory’s products are created entirely of Vietnamese human hair:

5S hair factory’s best-selling products

The products of 5S hair factory are always assured to be of excellent quality hair extensions in bulk, and they always bring the best designs to consumers. There are many different sorts of hair product styles, as follows:

  • Buck hair/raw hair: this is the original hair that has been collected and cleaned before being wrapped into bundles and exported according to the set grams.
  • Weft/Weave hair is a hair-shaped kind of one-head ribbon that is imported by salons and installed/stitched into the hair of a client.
  • A wig is a complete wig that has been meticulously manufactured to fit the needs of a wide range of clients.
  • Tip hair: little clumps of hair weighing 1.5-2 gram are attached on one end (flattened glue comes in I-shaped, V-shaped, and U-shaped varieties) (nail shaped).
  • Tape hair: The hair is thinly spread over a specifically designed tape that is bonded straight to each customer’s little hair when utilized by the salon.

5S Hair Factory with various products

The production line of the 5S hair factory

The production lines of the 5S hair factory – Top Vietnamese hair factory are always monitored by experienced and skilled staff because the 5S hair factory is always strict in the manufacturing of products.

The organization has well-trained workers at each level to ensure the greatest products for clients.

5S hair factory will undoubtedly provide the greatest services to consumers with a professional support team available 24/7. The customer support personnel at every 5S hair factory is well-trained in how to approach and manage customer information in the most efficient manner.


5S Hair Factory with best quality of production

To know more about 5S Hair Factory, please contact: Ms.Lily – Whatsapp: +84855555754