About K-Agriculture Factory: Things you should know about this famous suppliers

Being one of the leading exporters of Vietnamese agricultural products, K-Agriculture Factory is nowadays well trusted by many traders around the world. This is everything about the K-Agriculture Factory that you should consider before purchasing.

About K-agriculture Factory: Background information

With the long development of 25 years, K-agriculture Factory has developed from a small business to become a famous exporter of rice, coffee, cashew and spices in Vietnam. The factory is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the ambition to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.


About K-agriculture factory: Background information

Possessing an advanced milling and polishing chain with a capacity of 15000 tons/month, accompanied by a 21500-ton storage capacity, K-agriculture Factory has exported their products to over 80 countries around the world.

About K-Agriculture Factory: Vision and mission 

With the goal to become the best Vietnamese supplier, K-Agriculture Factory always tries their best to serve their customers.

Vision statement

The vision of K-agriculture Factory is to be the Top 10 Agriculture Company in Southeast Asia and Top 100 Agriculture Expert in the world, especially for RICE – COFFEE – CASHEW – SPICES from Vietnam.

Mission statement

The biggest mission of the K-agriculture Factory is to bring the best value of Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.


About K-Agriculture Factory: Vision and mission

About K-agriculture Factory: Products

Having a wide variety of products from Rice, Coffee, Cashew and Spices, K-agriculture always supplies customers with best quality products at most reasonable prices. 


  • K-Agriculture IR 504
  • K-Agriculture OM 5451
  • K-Agriculture ST24 5% broken
  • K-Agriculture ST25 5% broken rice
  • K-Agriculture Japonica 5% broken
  • K-Agriculture Long-grain Rice
  • K-Agriculture ST Rice
  • K-Agriculture Jasmine Rice
  • K-Agriculture Japonica


  • Specialty Arabica Quang Tri
  • Arabica Lam Dong – Commercial
  • Robusta Lam Dong Honey
  • Arabica Lac Duong Coffee
  • Arabica Honey Coffee
  • Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat


  • Cinnamon Oil
  • Split Cinnamon
  • Tube Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Stick Cinnamon
  • Cigarette Cinnamon
  • Pepper Powder
  • White Pepper
  • Black Pepper

About K-agriculture Factory: Contact information

If you want to get any products from K-agriculture, contact via:

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/

WhatsApp: +84 855555694