Closure sew in: An item gives you the perfect beauty to shine

Closure sew in is currently a product that many hair extensions dealers sell and make a strong mark on the market. If you are in need of importing this product, the following article will help you get useful information. You can learn a lot about closure sew in there.

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Overview about the closure sew in

If you are newbie to the human hair extensions industry and would like to know why people prefer the closure sew in, this section will offer you an overview of the item.

Closure sew in definition

  • The closure sew in hair extension is manufactured from 100% natural hair of donors. Each sewn-in piece of closure can cover a tiny portion of the user’s head. The most common hair extensions styles are body wave versus straight closure hair extensions.
  • The majority of the material for this product comes from Asian countries such as India, China, and Vietnam, where ladies have a practice of keeping their hair long. Hair manufacturers clean and prepare the hair to manufacture lace closure after gathering the source.

The concept of closure sew in

The pros and cons of closure sew in

A sewn-in closure has both advantages and disadvantages to consider. Here are some of the product’s most notable features:
The advantages of a sewn-in closure are as follows:

  • Simple maintenance is required for the sewn-in closure.
  • This product blends well with real hair and it can be quickly fastened because of the small number of strands on the lace.
  • Because it is light, the sewn-in closure is safe for your scalp. You can use the colored closure instead of coloring your natural strands, which is detrimental to them.

The benefits and drawbacks of closure sew in

The disadvantages of a closure sew in are as follows:

  • The sizes of lace closures available aren’t always appropriate for your scalp. As a result, there will be no fitted closures when you buy.
  • Because your hair cannot be tied up, you will be limited in your styling options, such as a braid out or a ponytail.
  • The lace closure will be pushed out as your natural hair grows. In other words, you must modify the lace on a regular basis as the item develops your natural hair strands.

The longevity of closure sew in

  • If the closure sewn in is cared for properly, it can last around 8 to 12 months. However, it also depends on the type of closure.
  • Bleached or colored hair on the closure, for example, may not last as much as less treated hair types. Nevertheless, in the hair industry, this item is thought to have a long lifespan.
  • There are no notable differences in the endurance of these two hair kinds as compared to frontal lace. This item is also thought to last better than other hair varieties.

The longevity of closure sew in

Where to import the closure sew in


The place to buy closure sew in

  • Purchasing a sew-in closure online: With the advancement of the Internet, customers may now order lace closures through e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, and the official websites of hair retailers. Please double-check the product information and previous customer feedback before placing an order.
  • Purchasing the closure sew in the stores: You can browse for human hair extension stores in your area and go visit them. If there isn’t a hair shop nearby, you can go to a hair salon, which may be able to import lace closures and style them according to the clients’ wishes. The advantage of purchasing hair offline is that you may put it on to see if it fits your face.
  • Asia is the continent that produces the most human hair extensions. Vietnamese human hair, including lace closure, is widely regarded as the most luscious hair product available. 5S Hair Factory is the industry leader in exporting human hair closure sew in in large quantities and with consistent quality  hair from the Vietnamese hair extensions market.  They harvest hair from healthy women and use advanced machinery and procedures to make closure laces and other hair accessories. In Europe, Africa, and America, 5S Hair Factory has dozens of long-term connections with international retail merchants and consumers.

5S Hair Factory – the vendor of closure sew in

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