Factors you should note in the New Kenli Showroom project

In this article, we will introduce you to the process of rendering textures and specific ideas of New Kenli Showroom

About the idea of ​​​​the New Kenli Showroom project

With architectural works of this type showroom, K-Render had the opportunity to cooperate with many different partners. However, the New Kenli Showroom is the largest project we have received. Its area is up to 1300 square meters.


About the idea of ​​​​the New Kenli Showroom project

Our client this time was introduced through an acquaintance in the 3D rendering industry. Therefore, before working, customers emphasized that they love and trust K-Render’s image quality and price.

New Kenli Showroom is a rendering that depicts and reconstructs the showroom that the customer wants to build and request.

The rendering process of New Kenli Showroom

In this section, we will introduce to you very detailed information about the rendering process of the New Kenli Showroom project.

Lighting used in this room

Lighting is divided into two types: artificial light and natural light. For works used to display and show customers about the products and services we are selling, we have advised customers to use artificial light more than natural light.


Lighting used in this room

  • Artificial light is light from lamps and objects that glow and brighten your room
  • Natural light is light from the outside environment that shines directly into your room.

Both such lights have their own benefits. If natural light helps customers to visualize more clearly the highlights in the final rendered image… Then artificial light in our 3d architecture interior rendering services will be able to create a cozy feeling in the room, interior detail become more realistic.

In this case, we used all artificial light as lights for the New Kenli Showroom project.

  • This is the consensus after discussion with the client
  • But it is also what we want to advise our customers.

Using the right and correct materials

Besides artificial light, the material is also an extremely important factor for the New Kenli Showroom project in general.


Using the right and correct materials

  • Firstly, the material will clearly depict the soul of the rendered image. The customer will feel the beauty of the photo through the color schemes, the use of materials as well as the choice of quality by the customer and K-Render with architectural 3D rendering services.
  • Secondly, the material expresses the individuality and style of the customer. Customers will be able to rely on the materials they have chosen to be able to assert their own personality and style. Sometimes we don’t need to know too much about famous architecture and styles. But we just need to understand what they want. And the next plans to achieve that desire..

So here is it, the material will tell the story of the New Kenli Showroom project on behalf of the customer.

The image angle of each room in the New Kenli Showroom project

And the important factor that we want to introduce to you in the end is the shooting angle for each room inside the project.


The image angle of each room in the New Kenli Showroom project

  • In the past, we still used to rely on the area of ​​each room to advise as well as suggest to our customers the number of views as well as the design of the photo angle for them. How to match the unique style of each customer as well as meet the skills of the production team.
  • However, in this New Kenli Showroom project, we asked the customer to request the number of views as well as the angle to capture a detail. Unlike previous projects, this project is about a showroom. Therefore, we will need artistic photography angles that best describe the beauty of the showroom that the customer intends to do business with.
  • Our K-render team had discussions to come to a final conclusion and enthusiastically advise customers. They are completely satisfied with the shooting angles or the number of views that we have agreed on and come up with a strategy

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Feedback and reviews from customers

After receiving the final image, our customer asked to cooperate with us for the next return. We feel extremely grateful for that trust of our customers. K-Render will definitely do well in the jobs and projects that customers bring to them.


Feedback and reviews from customers


We hope that the information we have shared through the above report is enough for you to understand more about K-Render’s products, understand more about our working process. Besides, you can know more about the factors that make up a professional interior rendering process. For any information, please email sales@k-render.com if you have any questions or concerns about this service!