8 Hair Care Tips Every Teen Should Know for shiny hair!

Whether you are experienced with hairstyles for such a long time, or you are teen girls who get started with hair care protection, you also need to figure out practical and hassle- free tips to apply for hair on a daily basis. Follow us with 8 hair care tips every teen should know as quickly as possible! 

Mục Lục

Use toothbrush and hairspray to untangle hair

When your hair is tangled due to a numerous number of reasons, such as weak hair condition, lack of nutrients, dryness, or something like that, using a toothbrush to say no with this status is highly recommended and handy at home. 

Toothbrush is such an item of all hair types. You can use it to detangle your natural hair, hair extensions, or even the human lace wig and so on. Hair brush is the cheapest but so useful tool to have!

Use hair oil on damp hair

The function of hair oil is obvious. You can choose a range of hair oil as remedies in your hair care routine, including coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. Identify your hair trouble and apply on damp hair properly to get the best performance! 

Use dry shampoo before bedtime 

A feasible solution for those who are busy with work and don’t have much time to clean your hair is dry shampoo. You can apply suitable dry shampoo before going to bed and experience the amazing experience on the next morning with a shiny, healthy- looking and smooth as well. 

Supply hydration all the times 

Due to the negative habits of teens, lacking essential nutrients for hair is frequent. To make sure you have flowing and gorgeous hair, you need to add a healthy diet on a daily basis with a range of food and fruit. Always keep a cup of water while we are working to say no with dehydration of hairstyles! 

Use sulfate, paraben and chemical- free shampoos

Nowadays, people tend to use organic hair care products, which is not only beneficial for many types of hairstyles, but safe for scalp and hair strands as well.

According to hair experts, applying hair shampoos which exclude sulfate, chemical ingredients or paraben will lengthen the quality of hairstyles more than ever. 

Use hair serum for frizzy hair

Hair serum is absolutely beneficial to add moisture and hydration for hairstyles instantly, combined with a healthy diet.

More importantly, hair serum plays a vital role to support humidity and fight off frizz for hair texture, especially that of the wavy vs curly hair, both natural hair and hair extensions. 

Avoid over-styling 

We have to admit that restyling according to the context and interest is highly convenient for temporary beauty. However, not all of us are aware of the effect of heat towards hairstyles in case you abuse heat on a frequent basis. 

The flexibility of restyling our hairstyles is close to the damage and brokerage. Heat overusage to straight, curly, wavy water or other trendy hairstyles will lead to reducement of hair volume. 

In any case, you can apply hair care products to protect your hair and use heat-driven products once a week  to prevent the negative effects. 

Dry your hair naturally 

Natural hair drying is superior to hair drying with a dryer, according to research, since when hair dries naturally, the outer cuticle, pulp, and inner cortex all dry at the same time.

When drying hair with a hair dryer, the outer cuticle dries faster, while the pulp and inner cortex dries more slowly, resulting in a pressure difference between the interior and the outside, which can alter the elasticity of the hair cuticle and raise the risk of hair breaking.

There are numerous tips and tricks during hair care routine and we just mention some of the useful ones. These remedies also largely depend on hair texture and hair conditions as well with different results. We hope to support you with gorgeou hair styles!