How to distinguish real hair extensions with synthetic hair extensions

Real hair extensions gradually become a product favored by many retailers and wholesalers because of its natural and genuine beauty. However, you can be easily confused between real hair extensions and synthetic hair if you do not know the tips in the article below.

In today’s cosmetology world, people are increasingly interested in beauty products and typical of them are real hair extensions. The beauty standards of modern society are oriented towards real human-derived products like real hair extensions rather than man-made fake products like synthetic hair. This has motivated a large part of customers who want to learn and buy real hair extensions.

Mục Lục

1. Definition of real hair extensions

So first, let’s learn about the definition of real hair extensions. Real hair extensions are hair extensions that must be made from 100% real human hair, not mixed with any other ingredients. Real hair extensions will include 3 main types: virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair.

  • Virgin hair will be the most advanced hair segment of real hair extensions. The virgin hair products will be harvested from one donor only and selected from the hair of young women between the ages of 18-22 so these real hair extensions will be of the highest quality.
  • Meanwhile, remy hair will be a mid-range product in both price and quality in the segment of real hair extensions. Remy hair will be hair harvested from 2-3 donors, possibly processed, chemically so sometimes the color will not be uniform. However, this is the most popular type of real hair extensions on the market because of its reasonable price with quality, easy access to many customer files.
  • Besides virgin hair and remy hair, non-remy hair is the lowest priced line of real hair extensions. These types of real hair extensions are widely distributed in a variety of institutional settings, such as orphanages, prisoners, and hospitals. Because of this method’s inability to prevent a random assortment of hair types from being gathered, the acquired hair is of questionable quality (healthy, weak, bad, tangled hair). Contrarily, the quality of this kind of real hair extensions product may vary significantly since each hair strand has slightly varied cuticle orientation.

Although they are all real hair extensions, each segment in this hair type has its own properties. Therefore, when choosing to buy real hair extensions, buyers need to carefully consider each line to best suit their needs and purposes.

2. Tips to distinguish real hair extensions with synthetic hair extensions

After understanding real hair extensions, let’s distinguish the similarities and differences of real hair extensions compared to synthetic hair. This part of the article will also provide tips for you to distinguish real hair extensions from synthetic hair yourself.

2.1. Similarities between real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions

Although one side is real human hair and the other is synthetic, real hair extensions and synthetic hair still have some similarities. And it is the similarities below that sometimes lead customers to unnecessary confusion while buying real hair extensions:

  • Both real hair extensions and synthetic hair have luster if you just look at the photo. The shine of real hair extensions comes from the hair substance and care products, while the shine of synthetic comes from the plastic material. Under flash light, both real hair extensions and synthetics look quite similar.
  • Real hair extensions and synthetic hair can both be dyed into different colors. Their color diversity can be said to be quite similar. Even with synthetic resin, people can dye them into very eye-catching neon colors – tones that are difficult to find in real hair extensions.
  • Both real hair extensions and synthetic hair come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and prices. They are all divided into high-end, mid-range and cheap lines, along with the difference in quality.

The similarities mentioned above make it quite difficult to recognize real hair extensions and synthetic hair through pictures. So, if you decide to buy wholesale hair extensions bundles online, be very careful. Buying wholesale hair extension bundles will be an opportunity for unscrupulous factories to sell products that mix real hair extensions and synthetic hair to steal your money. Be a smart consumer!

2.2. Differences between real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions

If you read the similarities between real hair extensions and synthetic hair and feel confused, don’t worry! Now let’s learn about the differences and how to distinguish real hair extensions and synthetic hair.

  • Real hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair, while synthetic hair is made from plastic or synthetic fibers. So if you comb the product many times, real hair extensions will not tangle and become smoother while synthetic hair will tangle and even break. Another way to verify is to use fire to burn. Real hair extensions when exposed to fire will catch fire and burn completely, while synthetic hair will stop burning as soon as the fire is turned off.



Real hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair

  • A good real hair extensions product will completely be able to bleach, dye, press, … This is completely impossible with synthetic hair. When using a straightener on synthetic hair, you will immediately notice the burning smell of plastic.
  • If you want to curl real hair extensions, don’t hesitate, use a curling iron to create any style you want. This is difficult with synthetic hair. If you have synthetic hair, when using styling products, the hair will immediately straighten, not even being able to form.

It can be seen that synthetic hair has many weaknesses compared to real hair extensions. Because of these properties, synthetic hair can only last for about 3-6 months while real hair extensions can maintain their original condition for 2-4 years or more.

2.3. Customer demand for real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions

Although synthetic hair is inferior to real hair extensions in many ways, the needs of each customer are different, so these two products still exist in parallel.

  • For customers with a low budget, who want to own a lot of hair extensions with a variety of colors, they often choose synthetic hair instead of real hair extensions. For only 30-50 dollars, customers can completely buy synthetic hair for short-term purposes.
  • For customers who want quality, long-lasting and most similar products to real hair, they will choose real hair extensions. The benefits that real hair extensions bring are really many, so even though you have to spend a lot of money on one purchase, the vast majority of customers still want to use real hair extensions.
  • Many sellers have taken advantage of customers’ desire to buy real hair extensions at a cheap price to sell synthetic and poor quality products to increase profits. So if you want to buy quality wholesale hair bundles, choose carefully where to buy before making a decision. Don’t buy cheap products because you’ll be at risk when buying real hair extensions.

Consider your own needs before making a decision to buy real hair extensions or synthetic hair. It may seem that real hair extensions will be more expensive than synthetic hair, but this is a long-term investment and is better for your health.

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