The world always tends to change for the better. That’s the reason why has to bear in mind rejuvenation in line with the cultures, the trend and the interest of clients. Undeniably, innovation is considered an effective method so that K- hair has continuously obtained outstanding accomplishments during many years. Let’s pay full attention to check out the answers inside the following blog! 

Diversity of hair extensions products of K- hair 

From the beginning stage, supplying a range of diverse hair extensions hairstyles for all customers segments became a notable target of K- hair. Under the leadership of exceptional leadership- Mr. Daniel, K- hair is getting the attractions with products from human hair with the highest quality and skilled technology in comparison with those from Chinese hair factory, Indian ones or others. Thanks to fantastic achievements from the native country, K- hair is well- placed to take advantage of native Vietnamese women, from 18 to 40 for hair extensions merchandise. Particularly, K- hair collects these sources with the same cuticle alignment to make sure the output will make the entire international benchmarks. We are offering the pivotal hair extensions hairstyles that make significant contribution to the prosperity of K- hair for decades: 

    • Weft hair: As mentioned- above, weft hair can be simply understood as the hair that has been sewn or woven on a horizontal strip of fabric to form a bundle of hair extensions. Because of non- non-toxic process of K- hair, which doesn’t use heat or glue, users can feel secure with the protection of the original hair as well as the scalp. Even when users apply this hair extension style to their head, it seems to look natural like usual. 


  • Clip- in: Hair extensions clip-in of K- hair in small pieces of human hair hooked to the net like a closure, and then fixed on the clips, which is directly put near the hairline. According to the record sales of K- hair, clip- in is one of the most sought- after hairstyles with a hassle- free application and affordable price. Weft hair extensions and clip- in hair extensions have in common that both of them do not require special techniques or assistance of glue or heat. A temporary solution absolutely suitable  for anyone who is a hair- lover! 
  • Tape- in: According to K- hair, tape- in hair extensions are regarded as semi- permanent hair extensions. This effective hair extension is perfect for those who desire thicker and stronger hair for a beauty perfection. Tape- in hair extension of K- hair is non- damaging, lightweight and a long duration up to nearly 1 year for a proper care. Don’t forget to take it into consideration for a temporary solution. 
  • Closure/ Frontal: A perfect match for weft- hair extensions are top choices for bald covering as they are made in terms of arrays of hair. Closures and frontals both include a piece of Swiss lace, which is sewn hair extensions into the base of the wig. This hair extension style of K- hair is go- to style because they let you part your hair in several ways. 


Aside from the diversity of hair extensions products, K-Hair always focuses on human factors for sustainable development. To put it differently, K- hair step by step brings the best satisfaction through a devoted staff and their  professions. As you can see, amid Covid 19 pandemic, K- hair in particular and other hair vendors are generally forced to adapt to the context for growth speed. In K- hair, employees choose virtual platforms for contacting the consumers out of borders, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. In order to meet the requirements of clients, they are willing to immediately show the hair extensions in the office of K- hair. This profession plays a vital role in attracting clients all over the world. Aside from that, K- hair also promotes weekly training to their staff for updating the trend in the hair industry. This operation of K- hair is not only to keep the dedicated employees, who play a pivotal role in the development of K- hair, but also build up a strong system for the better. As such, K- hair can take pride in itself for internal  management, step by step closing a significant gap, among other hair suppliers thanks to its advantage and efforts! 

Understandably, from the year of establishment- in 1990, K-Hair became dynamic all the time, in terms of guidelines for operation of K- hair, business strategies, how to gain the attraction of consumers through social sites, as well as how to affirm itself in the global hair industry. With the ambition of K- hair for expanding its range and scale, K- hair always be aware of the roles of innovation, which respond to the current and future needs of users, also keep pace with the growth rate of the world!