Starlake – A famous project by K-Render Studio

Starlake is the name of the project we’d like to introduce. We constantly listen to the client’s architectural design concept first while working on design projects for their own residences. Following that, we will make recommendations to you so that the work can be completed to the satisfaction of the clients and in the most attractive manner possible.

Why is called Starlake?

The villa’s concept is related to the stars, which is why this project is called “Starlake project“. A river filled with stars is known as Star Lake. The mention of the stars in the river is one of the two features in fairy tales that makes you feel tranquil, soothing, and dreamy. Perhaps this is why Star Lake got its name from this connotation.

Important factors in the Star Lake rendering process

The following are the most critical aspects of the Star Lake rendering process.


In the 3D rendering process, space is the most critical aspect.


Important factors in the Star Lake rendering process: Space

In rendering, the most open space is employed. The rendering artists for the Star Lake project had to do more than just employ technology to extend the room’s size. But he also used a variety of other tactics.

Consider the method of determining the shot angle. The horizontal aspect is the most appropriate for this villa. Because it will allow the spectator to have a sense of the entire room’s coverage and see every feature portrayed on the overall picture clearly. Ceiling, wall, furniture, etc.

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How to use light

The majority of the illumination in the Star Lake project is natural light. Villas that are positioned in an area with plenty of natural light will appear more magnificent and spacious. Ambient light will also aid in making the elements that the designer wishes to emphasize more visible and appealing to the viewer.


Important factors in the Star Lake rendering process: Light

Our rendering artists will have to place distinct points of view in every area of the room for rooms that require natural light based on the available design.

The most challenging aspect is that the rendering artists must change the light and color in the areas where the light shines the brightest. Our rendering artists will need to darken the areas where the light does not shine, but the viewer will still need to see every detail inside the room.


K-Render is more than just a 3D architectural rendering studio — it can provide clients with fantastic experiences. The folks who perform the rendering work, on the other hand, are the ones that deliver us more valuable experiences. Indeed, the Star Lake villa project is the culmination of the efforts of our entire team, as well as our clients, who came up with such a brilliant concept. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get your hands on the most stunning illustrations!


Important factors in the Star Lake rendering process: Angles