The detail rendering process of Sunshine Apartment

In this article we will introduce you to The process of rendering Sunshine Apartment and some interesting information that you may not know! Let’s read and check it right now.

Introduction about the customer’s idea for the Sunshine Apartment project

First of all, we – the people working at K-Render company would like to thank our customer, Mr. Michael, for contacting the company so that we can respond. meet the needs of rendering a house for yourself and your family.


Introduction about the customer’s idea for the Sunshine Apartment project

Because of the development of the epidemic, we had to open a meeting lasting nearly 1 hour to discuss and understand more about Michael’s personality as well as upcoming plans for the special Sunshine apartment.

Michael is a cheerful person who has achieved success in his career and is satisfied with his present life with his family. Building and designing this house is his current desire. He wants to bring a cozy and comfortable space for his family members. As a result, Michael needed K-Render’s help and advice through a friend to render his home. Besides, K-Render’s interior rendering service also brings an image like Michael’s house when it is completed. This will help Michael visualize the entire house he is about to build.

Layout of Sunshine Apartment

In Michael’s house, he has divided the layout as follows:


Layout of Sunshine Apartment

  • Since this is a feature of an apartment located in the city center, the living room will be the most beautiful and spacious.
  • Next is the kitchen, the bedrooms are placed next to each other to create a feeling of warmth and ease of movement for family members.
  • And finally, rooms with smaller areas such as corridors, balconies and changing rooms, toilets, .. you can check out in our product visualization services

The process of rendering Sunshine Apartment

In this part, we will introduce you to the process of rendering details. details of the Sunshine Apartment project.

Natural light is placed into the rooms

As the name of the project – Sunshine Apartment, the light we choose to put in the illustrations here is the light from the outside environment. This will make the rooms appear spacious.


Natural light is placed into the rooms

  • Besides, the light of the outside environment will also help family members feel cozy and have more energy to work.
  • However, natural light will also give the room a certain sophistication and elegance, in accordance with the style of each homeowner.

In addition, artificial light is also selected by K-Render and our villa rendering service to bring into rooms with a more compact area. For example, changing rooms, study rooms and toilets. These rooms are usually not as large in size as the living rooms, kitchens.. Therefore, we can completely use artificial light, which is the lamp to create accents for the room. As well as bringing a warm and quiet space to the room of the Sunshine Apartment project.

Using suitable materials for Sunshine Apartment

Material is the next important factor in the rendering process of Sunshine Apartment.

  • Firstly, the materials used in each room are mainly wood, brick and stone. To create a highlight inside the room, we have coordinated the colors in the most harmonious way.
  • Secondly, to highlight the materials used inside the rooms, we used other important elements throughout the rendering of Sunshine Apartment.

Using suitable materials for Sunshine Apartment

In the next section, we will talk more about the important factor in this process. You can completely refer to the information that we have shared.

Photo angle for each room of Sunshine Apartment project

The angle factor is the last important factor and also the final finishing step in the process of interior rendering for a project/work.


Photo angle for each room of Sunshine Apartment project

  • Firstly, for rooms with a large area, we will advise customers to choose and use more shooting angles. This will help them visualize the entire space of the room through each angle.
  • Secondly, the shooting angle will be able to help customers feel more clearly about each interior detail placed in Sunshine Apartment. From there, they will have a closer look at the project as well as their living space.

Customer feedback on the final product Sunshine Apartment

After receiving the final image of the Sunshine Apartment project as well as completing the payment for the bill, the customer expressed his wish to cooperate with K-Render in 3D rendering services more projects.


Hope the above information will help you in your work as well as in your life. For more information, please contact!