Top quality hair extensions brands on the hair extension market

Hair extension brands are appearing fast, leading to saturation in the market. Buyers when looking for quality hair extensions brands often confuse about the variety of prices and quality. This article will provide quality hair extensions brands’ list for buyers. 

The current beauty market trend is leaning more towards hair extensions brands. The confusion caused by so many established hair extension brands is making it difficult for consumers. So first, let’s learn about the hair extensions brands market.

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1. Overview of hair extensions brands market

The rapid growth of hair extension brands is a consequence of the increase in demand for hair extensions. Currently on the market there are a lot of hair extensions brands, this has led to many concerns of users in the process of choosing the right hair extensions brand to buy products:

  • How to choose good quality hair extensions brands with affordable prices
  • How to distinguish real hair extensions brands from scam brands?
  • How to know that hair extensions brands of hair extensions brands are of the same quality as the photo

Having more hair extensions brands on the market will give buyers more options. However, the more hair extension brands appear, the more problems the wholesaler will have in the search and selection process.

2. How to find reliable hair extensions brands

To help you through your search for hair extension brands, this part of the article will give you some tips to make the process easier.

2.1. Things make hair extensions brands reliable

To distinguish which hair extensions brands are quality, of course there are many factors to decide. Here are a few aspects to consider when looking for trustworthy hair extensions brands:

  • Regarding the location, you need to find out if the hair extensions brands are actually based in any country. The reason this is important is because hair extensions brands need to have a representative office to be able to receive, check and ship goods. The fact that the products are shipped directly from the factory will show that the hair extensions brands do not have due diligence or even fraud.
  • About the product, look for reviews on youtube or social networking sites to see how customers respond to the products of those hair extensions brands. For example, if that hair extensions brands have good reviews of their virgin hair extensions on the Internet, they will be good choices for you. Thanks to this, you can know if these hair extensions brands sell good quality products without ordering.
  • Regarding customer service, please carefully ask the consultants at that hair extensions brands to see how the company’s warranty policies, return and compensation policies when the goods have problems. Whether hair extensions brands are trustworthy or not depends a lot on how it handles issues that arise.

These are the three main factors that determine whether hair extensions brands are trustworthy or not. The most important thing is that you look for reputable hair extensions brands in the market or research carefully before choosing to buy at new hair extensions brands.

2.2. Advantages of finding out reliable hair extensions brands

After learning about the factors that make hair extensions brands trustworthy, let’s take a look at the benefits of finding quality hair extensions brands.

  • Finding good hair extensions brands will help you get reputable and uniform hair products. You will need hair extensions brands to work long term and the hair products you bring to your clients need to be of consistent quality.
  • Having good hair extensions brands will save you time and effort. You won’t have to worry about whether hair extensions brands actually ship or if the hair products are really good? This will save you a lot of time for other tasks.



Having good hair extensions brands will save you time and effort

  • The most important thing that reputable hair extensions brands bring will be money savings. You will no longer have to try different products from different hair extension brands. You just need to order the right type of hair you want and wait for the hair extensions brands to ship. In addition, you will no longer have to worry about being scammed.

With the above benefits, it can be seen that finding quality hair extensions brands is very important because it directly affects the products and sources of hair wholesale businesses.

3. Top best hair extensions brands

To save you time and money, below we have listed the most reliable and quality hair extension brands. You can choose from this list of hair extensions brands to make purchasing decisions for yourself.

3.1. 5S Hair – the best of all hair extensions brands

5S Hair is currently the leading company in the list of trusted Vietnamese hair extension brands because of its product quality and reasonable price.

  • In terms of products, what makes 5S Hair superior to other hair extension brands is that this company only sells 100% real human hair with the best quality.
  • In terms of price, 5S Hair has an extremely competitive price when compared to other hair extension brands. The price of 5S Hair is in the mid-range, suitable for both retail and wholesale buyers who are looking for low-priced hair extension brands.
  • Regarding customer care, 5S Hair always pays special attention to customers. You will be well taken care of from the moment you buy, during the purchase and even after the purchase while other hair extension brands usually only take care of the customer until they complete the purchase.

If you are looking for quality hair extension brands at a good price, come to 5S Hair because this is the best choice.

3.2. Queen Hair – a good factory in top best hair extensions brands

If you are a low budget buyer looking for cheap hair extensions brands, don’t miss out on Queen Hair. Queen Hair’s products are 100% real human hair with good quality, but the price is very attractive. It can be said that Queen Hair is one of the hair extensions brands worth buying in the cheap segment. However, customer care at Queen Hair is not good and you may have to wait a few days for a response, so please consider it.

3.3. K Hair – high quality brand in top list hair extensions brands

K-Hair is one of the hair extensions brands in the high-end segment. K-Hair’s products are meticulously and carefully made with high quality, 100% virgin human hair. This means that the price of K-Hair is quite high compared to other hair extensions brands. If you only care about quality, then K-Hair is also a pretty attractive company to try and experiment.

This article has provided you with the most necessary information when looking for quality hair extensions brands. If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to message us on Whatsapp: + 84 855 555 754 (Ms Lily – Manager) for the earliest reply.