Vietnamese hair color and secrets behind that you may not know

Vietnamese hair color is a big concern with Vietnamese hair extension enthusiasts. The beauty of Vietnamese hair extensions is undeniable, so the variety of Vietnamese hair color is always attractive to buyers. This article will give you all the information you need.

The search demand for Vietnamese hair color of hair extensions lovers is increasing. But to understand Vietnamese hair color well has never been an easy thing. For those who do not have too much knowledge about hair, this article will help you better understand Vietnamese hair color.

Mục Lục

The tradition of Vietnamese hair color

Referring to Vietnamese hair color, we cannot ignore its basic tones. The basic tones when it comes to Vietnamese hair color are natural tones. Natural tones of Vietnamese hair color are colors associated with Vietnamese people. In other words, the basic Vietnamese hair color will be the hair color that Vietnamese people are born with.

  • One of the most basic tones with Vietnamese hair color is black. Virgin hair extensions will definitely be black. Because, due to the climate and weather, the hair of Vietnamese people will mostly be jet black, making this the most basic color of Vietnamese hair color. Especially with virgin hair extensions are hair products taken from a single donor. So they have the black tone of Vietnamese hair color which is very understandable
  • Another tone that cannot be ignored of Vietnamese hair color is brown. Although brown tones in Vietnamese hair color are not too common, with raw hair products, you can completely see brown tones. This is due to the influence of the sun in Vietnam. After a long time of raw hair exposed to the sun, they will gradually turn brown, creating a fairly basic tone of Vietnamese hair color.

As can be seen, the two most basic tones in Vietnamese hair color are brown and black. When you own Vietnamese hair extension products, it is quite common to encounter these 2 tones of Vietnamese hair color.

The change in the color of Vietnamese hair color.

To meet the great demand for color in the market, Vietnamese hair color has had certain changes. With the changes in Vietnamese hair color, we can easily choose to buy Vietnamese hair extension products.

  • A rather famous tone in Vietnamese hair color right now is Ombre hair extensions. The demand for Vietnamese remy hair extensions in ombre color is quite high. The factory will dye the Vietnamese remy hair extensions from the base color to the Vietnamese hair color you want. With Ombre, you will notice smooth transitions of Vietnamese hair color.
  • A color that is getting a lot of attention when looking for Vietnamese hair color is blonde. Customers from Europe often quite like this Vietnamese hair color for their hair extension products. So most Vietnamese hair extensions, when dyed and bleached to blonde, usually serve the needs of I-tip hair extensions, Tape-in ​​and Clip-in Hair extensions. Of course, customers in the African region are also quite pleased with the color Blonde. However, the demand for this Vietnamese hair color with I-tip, Tape-in ​​and Clip-in Hair extensions will be much higher than normal weft hair.

Vietnamese hair color and secrets behind that you may not know

  • Not only that, hair distributors in Nigeria are also very fond of Vietnamese hair colors like burgundy or wine. Usually these 2 tones will favor deep red, making it suitable and outstanding for the skin color of Nigerians. That’s why hair distributors in Nigeria pay special attention to Vietnamese hair color in burgundy and dark wine tones.

Thus, it can be seen that Vietnamese hair color is gradually changing according to the needs of buyers. A special feature of Vietnamese hair extension products is the suitability of hair properties for bleaching and dyeing. So, if you are not too interested in Vietnamese hair color in basic tones, feel free to change to more special tones.

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