Whole Star Anise Scores Number One Among All Types Of Star Anise

One of the most popular spices in the world is star anise. However, there are several sorts of star anise, and whole star anise is the best. Continue reading this post to learn how to purchase high-quality products and use them effectively.

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1. A general overview of whole star anise

One of the main agricultural products of Vietnam and one of the most popular goods in the world is Vietnam anise flower. These are some fundamental facts about star anise that you should know before purchasing whole ones.

1.1 What is whole star anise

A type of spice known as whole anise star is made from the fruit of a Chinese tree of the same name. When a fruit is deemed to be a complete star anise, it still has eight of its petals intact.

1.2. Different varieties of whole star anise 

Whole star anise is broken down into two main groups: whole winter crop and whole fall crop.

  • The entire spring crop of star anise is collected from late January to early April. Anise flower has a 2 cm diameter, is smaller, and contains less essential oil than anise flower, hence it is of poorer quality and costs less.
  • Fall star anise crop in its entirety: From August through October, autumn anise blooms are collected. This season’s anise blossom has a diameter of 2.5 to 3 cm and contains a lot of essential oil, making it of high quality and costing more.

Different varieties of whole star anise

1.3 Method of harvesting whole star anise

Although the method for harvesting star anise whole is rather straightforward, there are a few considerations to make:

  • Anise must have more than 100 days without frost before it may be harvested. Starting two to three weeks after flowering, when the seeds become brown and easily fall off the tips, harvest whole star anise from late summer to early October.
  • How to gather all of the star anise: Flower stalks should be cut off at the seed head and hung upside down in a dry, warm, and shady location. The seeds will fall into the bag if a paper bag is placed around the top of the seed. After the seeds are dry, crush them or put them in a 100°F oven for 15 minutes to pasteurize them. Harvest everything before the first fall frost.
  • The farmer must select the star anise that is undamaged or has the largest percentage of unbroken petals, ranging from 6 to 8, after drying the star anise.
  • Star anise entire packing for export: Whole foods containing star anise that are exported must adhere to the usual export packing rules. The intact anise blossoms will be placed in a suitable size carton after drying and filtering. Anise will be lined with bubble foam after the barrel has been cleaned and the humidity checked to ensure compliance with rules. With the help of PE film, sealing paper, and adhesive tape, the carton will be completely sealed.

2. Benefits of whole star anise 

Whole star anise rates as the best type of star anise, according to users and wholesalers.

2.1. User advantages pff using whole star anise

  • Whole star anise has many culinary advantages.
  • Whole star anise has a particularly alluring perfume and has long been a crucial seasoning in both Eastern and Western cuisines. One of the ingredients of the Five Flavors seasoning, which is used as a marinade for baked products and as a condiment for casseroles, is star anise, which can be found whole, dried, or powdered. Following drying, whole star anise is used to infuse many classic Asian cuisines, including Pho and Sichuan hot pot.
  • Due to its exquisite flavor and digestive stimulant properties, star anise whole is also utilized in winemaking processes and as an ingredient in the creation of confections and soft drinks.

User advantages pff using whole star anise

2.2 Advantages to the vendor of whole star anise

Wholesalers will make significant profits from whole star anise due to the rising demand for it globally. The two nations that produce the most anise in the world China and Vietnam charge roughly 7000 USD per ton at wholesale right now. The final selling price of anise in the US and in Europe is 59,000 USD per ton. As can be observed, the wholesale cost of the whole star anise has increased by more than ten times compared to the import cost, delivering profits to enterprises that are 6 to 7 times greater than the import cost.

3. The cost of whole star anise

The cost of whole star anise varies depending on whether it comes from the spring crop or the fall harvest. These are the most recent wholesale star anise pricing available on the export market as of November. Because anise is not yet in season, the cost will be a little high right now. The wholesale cost of this variety of star anise is anticipated to decline throughout the months of March and April of the following year, when anise can be harvested.

For a number of reasons, the cost of whole star anise for export fluctuates.

  • Break Rate: Because an anise with six petals is still considered to be a whole star anise, the price of an anise with six petals product increases as its percentage decreases.
  • Because this is the anise harvest season, when wholesalers will receive the newest and most inexpensive anise products, whole star anise should be sold in August or April. Yet, because to the lack of anise and the great demand for anise for export, its price would also rise after the anise blooming season.

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  • Cost of shipping: The price of whole star anise will be significantly impacted by shipping fees. Currently, shipping costs will be lower and the shipping process will be quicker, easier, and less risky if wholesalers can ship by road container due to the current state of world politics and rising gas prices. wholesalers should choose to import anise from nearby nations because to ministries.
  • Tax: Product underpayment varies from nation to nation. Nonetheless, since agriculture is a significant part of Vietnam’s economy, the government will provide subsidies and tax exemptions for the wholesale sale of Vietnamese agricultural products, including whole star anise. As a result, in order to cut costs, we advise wholesalers to choose duty-free markets like Vietnam.
  • Insurance: A significant component of anise’s wholesale cost is insurance. For the wholesale return, the wholesaler will cover the entire insured price. In order to make the process of importing star anise whole easier, please allow FWD or a distributor if the wholesaler lacks experience. There will be many different types of insurance, so please think carefully and calculate.
  • Seasonal: Whole star anise crops harvested in the autumn have higher essential oil content and better quality, so their price will be higher than similar crops harvested in the spring.